Our mission is to provide monitoring technology and the required supportive services for the effective community supervision of:

  • Criminal defendants released on bond pending a court date
  • Criminal defendants ordered on electronic monitoring as a condition of probation
  • Non-compliant individuals ordered onto monitoring for the purpose of enforcing/enhancing their fulfillment of child support obligations
  • Medical cases in which the individual’s needs are better served in a non-secure community setting
  • Adolescents under court-ordered supervision.

For local governments, using monitoring technology to safely remove eligible defendants, special medical cases, and delinquent obligors of child support from detention centers is beneficial in that it:

  • Alleviates overcrowding
  • Reserves jail beds for individuals charged with violent offenses
  • Reduces demands for jail expansion and new construction
  • Encourages participants to remain productive and/or employed pending their return to court
  • Provides for increased personal accountability while providing access to rehabilitative opportunities