3M™ Electronic Monitoring Home Curfew RF

3M™ Electronic Monitoring Home Curfew RF

Radio Frequency

3M™ Electronic Monitoring Home Curfew RF (Radio Frequency) Monitoring systems are powerful, comprehensive monitoring tools that help ensure the monitoring needs of our clients are accounted for and securely performed, while enabling careful management of operational resources.

Two compatible models of monitoring systems are available. Monitoring data transfer can be performed over landline (PSTN) or cellular (GSM) networks. Both types of monitoring units can operate alongside each other, to help fit operator needs.

Key features:

  • Multiple offender monitoring
  • Enhanced memory
  • Improved RF modules and processing power
  • Enhanced communication and software download capabilities
  • Flexible scheduling and information management
  • Highly advanced tilt sensors and tamper alarms
  • Configurable monitoring range
  • Operational cost savings
  • Industry leading transmitter capabilities
  • Extended range of officer tools
  • Simple, quick installation

Cellular communication units also feature:

  • No landline requirement
  • Two-way communication with emergency and monitoring centers
  • Transparent communication with monitoring centers
  • Encrypted messaging (network sourced) in GSM models
  • Short messaging and GPRS communication capabilities

RF curfew monitoring systems can also be used to complement GPS tracking capabilities by monitoring offenders’ compliance with their restrictive schedule while at home. The base unit is used as a standalone home curfew system, extending comprehensive home detention capabilities.

Key features include:

  • Standard landline and power connection
  • LED lights indicate power, violation and phone line status
  • 24-hour built-in back up battery
  • Caller ID helps prevent offenders from relocating the unit to an unauthorized phone line
  • Two-way communication between base unit and monitoring center
  • Cost effective

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