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Our names are Todd Edwards and Nate Gay.  We are the owners and managing executives for Reliant Management Group, Inc., a criminal justice management company located in Cary, North Carolina (NC) that also does business as Reliant Monitoring Services. We have over 500 monitoring slots currently under contract through local governments and law enforcement in twenty one (21) North Carolina counties, as well as private customers in two states.  Reliant is establishing new standards for both service and quality in an industry that is increasingly crowded with competing technologies and confusing to customers.


The current reality in almost any county or court jurisdiction in NC (or America for that matter) is that jail overcrowding is adversely impacting the local budget and is increasingly competing with public dollars that are desperately needed to meet education, human services, and infrastructure demands. If you do not think it’s a problem, then we encourage you to have a frank conversation with someone on your local county board of commissioners, your county manager, or your sheriff. More and more, it is an issue that is on the collective radars of local officials and will only increase in importance in the future.

What this blog is…

The purpose of this blog is to create a space where monitoring technology solutions to address the growing problem of jail overcrowding will be periodically discussed with an eye towards finding technology solutions that are both effective and affordable.


We plan to occasionally offer thoughts on the use of monitoring technology in the governmental and public safety sectors. And from time to time, we will also include [and comment on] new research or current news stories that may advance our collective knowledge in this arena.

Finally, we invite readers to send us emails.  If you do it would help us if you would tell us just a little about yourself, your work, and your interest in the use of monitoring technologies in order to alleviate jail overcrowding, improve community supervision, or to achieve policy or therapeutic objectives.


  1. In order to keep things simple, the general term alternatives to detention” will represent both community supervision and court-based rehabilitation services. In cases where the distinctions and variations of each need to be drawn in order to further discussion, this will be done in a straightforward manner.
  2. When the terms detention and jail are used within this blog, they are referencing individuals awaiting trial or serving a shorter-term sentence in your local jail. The vast majority of discussion herein is regarding how to use monitoring technology to supervise and deal with nonviolent criminal defendants in the community, as well as, those that have not even been found guilty at the point of the incarceration. You will also note a substantial amount of discussion regarding the cyclical incarceration of nonviolent, obligors of child support and how it is exacerbating the local jail overcrowding problem.


We sincerely hope you find this site and the information contained herein useful. Please feel free to visit as often as you like and contact us via email with any constructive feedback.

Thank You!