Mobile Data Capture


Reliant’s decade of experience in serving government and law enforcement agencies in the monitoring and supervision technology arenas has demonstrated to us the growing and irreversible importance of automating mobile workers and reducing paper demands in these organizations.  We have extensively field-tested the Field2Base suite of products and find them to be invaluable for this purpose because they are designed around these three guiding principles:

  • Ease of Use
  • Managed Communications
  • Turn-Key Delivery of Information – where it is needed

What is Field2Base?

Field2Base is a tablet PC based, data collection and transmission tool. Users have the ability to send their paper forms in a new digital format and have instant collaboration using available internet-based data networks.  It offers flexibility of choosing from three options for secure 256 BIT encrypted data delivery: Email,  Hosted Database (DMM), or Direct Delivery into a corporate database behind a firewall (DIM).

The Field2Base tools can also be used to send annotated photos, record GPS coordinates, create sketches, perform barcode scans, edit CAD drawings, and much more. The unique “persistent connectivity engine” handles all of the connectivity, security, and reliability of data transmission for the user in the background. If data connectivity is disrupted during transmission or not available at all, Field2Base will continue to monitor its environment for any form of connectivity, connect to it, and securely send the user’s data. All the user has to do is press “send” and move on to the next task.

Application features:

  • Limited or no IT involvement (Rapid Deployment)
  • Very intuitive and easily adopted interface
  • Send in all forms and paperwork electronically
  • Reduce field errors and drive compliance thru business rules in electronic forms
  • One touch send and done
  • Take and annotate photos, edit CAD drawings, create sketches
  • Capture GPS coordinates, barcode scans and customer signatures
  • Direct integration with back-end database systems (no manual data entry)

Contact us today and learn how Reliant can help you use the Field2Base suite of tools to address your agency’s Information Mobility and Integration needs.

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